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Pro Hair

Advanced Meshless Integration Systems


Integration Systems

1 Day Course

ProHair Extensions Boutique presents the Advanced Meshless Integration Course, catering to women in search of sophisticated remedies for hair loss and thinning. Tailored for those encountering moderate hair loss or similar conditions, this course hones in on the revolutionary Meshless Integration technique. Departing from conventional approaches, this system adopts a base-free method, ensuring a snug fit with minimal tangling, movement, or discomfort. Prioritising versatility and ease, this technique fosters natural hair growth while seamlessly blending extensions for an authentic look and feel.


Course Objectives:

– Introduction to Meshless Integration System

– Understanding client suitability and conditions

– Health and safety protocols

– Client consultations and colour matching

– Application of  Crown System step-by-step guide

– Hair extension cutting and blending techniques

– Removal process and aftercare guidelines

– Pricing strategies and business setup guidance

– Problem-solving techniques for common issues


Course Outline:

    1. Kit Requirements:

    – Quality toppers, master partings, closures, and weft hair extensions.

    1. Contra-indications:

    – Understanding conditions and scenarios where meshless integration may not be suitable.

    1. Strand Test:

    – Assessing hair quality and compatibility for extensions.

    1. Health & Safety:

    – Ensuring a safe environment for both the client and practitioner.

    1. Insurance:

    – Understanding insurance requirements and coverage for hair extension services.

    1. Client Consultations:

    – Effective communication and assessment techniques to meet client expectations.

    1. Hair Type and Grading:

    – Understanding different hair types and grading systems for extensions.

    1. Colour Matching:

    – Techniques for achieving seamless colour matches for natural-looking results.

    1. Hair Preparation:

    – Preparing the client’s hair before fitting extensions to ensure optimal results.

    1. Crown System Application:

    – Step-by-step guide to applying the meshless integration system for crown coverage.

    1. Cutting and Blending:

    – Techniques for blending extensions with natural hair for a seamless finish.

    1. Removal Process:

    – Safe and efficient removal of extensions while preserving natural hair health.

    1. Aftercare:

    – Guidelines for client maintenance to prolong extension lifespan and ensure hair health.

    1. Pricing:

    – Strategies for pricing services competitively while maintaining profitability.

    1. Problem Solving:

    – Addressing common challenges encountered during meshless integration applications.

    1. Final Stages of Mesh Integration Training:

    – Advanced techniques and refinements for mastering meshless integration.

    1. Setting Up Your Own Business:

    – Guidance on establishing a successful hair extension business, including marketing and branding strategies.



Participants are required to have prior experience with hair extensions or weft applications.


Who Should Attend:

– Hairstylists looking to expand their skill set and service offerings.

– Salon owners/managers seeking to enhance their salon’s services and attract a broader clientele.


The Advanced Meshless Integration Course offered by ProHair Extensions Boutique equips participants with the knowledge and skills to provide advanced solutions for hair loss and thinning. With a focus on the innovative Meshless Integration technique, participants will gain expertise in applying extensions seamlessly while prioritising client comfort and natural hair health. Whether aspiring to enhance their skills or establish a successful business in the hair extension industry, this comprehensive course provides the necessary training and support.